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How we can support you

  • Are you trying to find your co-heirs and maybe this is why you cannot dispose of your estate? 
  • Art assets of your family which have been confiscated between 1933 and 1945 are to be rediscovered and restituted?
  • Do you consider working with us?
There following will give you a short introduction. Of course, the best way is always a conversation in person to get your own impression. 

Where we come from

In the beginning we mainly concentrated on selling our real estate projects in the eastern part of Berlin. Owners of real estates or their heirs had to be found, which was one of the results of the reunification in Germany. This way we built up connections in many countries. In the course of the years it became clear that this was not all, concerning the real estate related hereditary research. A considerable number of our clients was also claiming for objets d’art or financial funds. 

We were able to help almost all of them. For several years now not only problems resulting from the reunification have to be solved. Present-day estate matters as well as dealing with lost art get more and more important in our business. 

Our References

Our list of reference has gotten very long. Our national and international clients will be glad to inform you personally about their experiences with us. Contact us and we will connect you with former clients.

By the way, our clients are never charged for anything in advance. Only when we are able to enlarge your property we will charge a percentage fee of what we brought in, which is quite fair, isn't it.